Vocational Service Award

Presented for outstanding application and excellence within the candidate’s vocation in the context of Rotary’s ‘service above self’ value and the wider community benefit, professional or otherwise. The recipient each year attends a club luncheon and is celebrated by the membership. The high profile list of recipients dates over 50 years and includes  Governor-Generals, governors, journalists, and others.

All you need to know about: VOCATIONAL SERVICES AWARDS

Since 1960 the Rotary Club of Sydney has recognized leading Australian residents for their contribution to their vocation. As a charitable organization comprised of members representing their respective professions, it is a privilege to recognize those colleagues who have distinguished themselves within their professional community in NSW.

Every year Rotary Club of Sydney considers a group of distinguished community members who have been nominated by your fellow RCS members. If you know an individual from the community who fits the criteria below, please send a brief outline of how they meet the criteria before October 1 for consideration for the next awards. From 2022 the award is anticipated to be scheduled in February or March every year.

Please e-mail RCS.VocationalServiceAwards@gmail.com to send your nominations. Please include:

  1. The name of the individual.
  2. The contact details of the individual.
  3. The background with relevant online links or personal references.
  4. A description explaining why you think the nominee deserves recognition.

Incomplete submissions will not be processed.


The criteria for the Vocational Services Award for Individuals are as follows:

  1. Service-Above-Self nature of the nominee’s activities
  2. The community value of a nominee’s service in their vocation
  3. Professional regard in which the nominee is held in their vocation
  4. The regard in which the nominee is held in the community
  5. The good character of the nominee
  6. The positive public relation effort on the vocation resulting from the nomination

A nominee for the Vocational Service Award should be a leading figure in their profession who has made a significant contribution to their vocation over many years. This individual is required to give a presentation to the Rotary Club of Sydney on the day they receive the Award. This centenary year the award will be given in June 2021. Nominations will reopen July 1 2021.

Due diligence will be carried out discreetly on nominees and will remain private and confidential. The nominators will be contacted as a courtesy even if their nominees are not chosen. For privacy reasons, there will be no explanation. Nominees who meet the criteria will be rolled over to the next year if they are not chosen for that year. The Service and Awards Committee will forward its recommendations to the club board for final approval prior to the announcement.

The Service and Awards Committee thanks Simon Martin, Lead, and the rest of the subcommittee team, Janet Parkinson and John Rawson. Any RCS members interested in joining the Service and Awards Committee is most welcome!