Anna Rose Talk 13.09.21

Climate Action Group

Promoting Action on Climate Change.
It’s the only home we have. Its future is in our hands.

We hold our monthly meetings on the 2nd  Monday of each month at 5:30 pm in 2021.    We encourage everyone who is interested in helping us take a leadership role in promoting action on Climate Change to join us. 

Some of our objectives will be to: 

  • Inform ourselves on all aspects of climate science
  • Plan, implement and evaluate service projects, build awareness and inspire action.
  • Projects will promote environmental sustainability, awareness of climate change and actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to mitigate global warming.
  • Rotary announces its new Area of Focus:  The Environment
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Some of the “Must See” Events coming up:

“Climate Crisis within Community, politics and philanthropy.”

Anna Rose Talk 13.09.21

This month the Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group (ESRAG) ESRAG_August_2021_Newsletter_Vol_6_Issue_2.pdf  features the vital resources offered by their Plant-Rich Diet Task Force.  Right on the heels of the UN’s urgent call to action on methane.


How we will move forward as a Climate Action Group:

  • We will continue to bring you provocative and knowledgable  science based speakers to help inform us
  • Members will be self-nominated individuals from the Rotary Club of Sydney, Rotaract clubs and other Rotary Clubs along with interested individuals from other industries or organisations.
  • We will promote and champion the climate action ideals of Rotary International through ESRAG (Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group)  and RI’s  new  7th area of focus on climate action. (see
  • We will foster collaboration and partnerships.
  • We will report its activities to the RCS and its board.
  • We will hold  monthly meetings to discuss projects/initiatives or hear from guest speakers

How serious are we about this?  Take a look at the following:

UN Environment: Rotarians Vital to Climate Solutions

With pollution and climate change wreaking economic havoc, causing more than 7 million premature deaths a year, and fueling the refugee crisis, “we are doing a poor job for our planet and our peoples’ health as we pursue economic development,” warned Dr. Hartwig Kremer,  Head  of UN Environment’s  Global Environment Monitoring Unit, in a speech to ESRAG members in Hamburg.  But because we are “in touch with local communities, professionals, and business leaders worldwide,” he added, Rotarians can catalyze solutions.

The UN provides the framework and tracks global progress: “In September 2015, with the backing of 193 world leaders, 17 Sustainable Development Goals were agreed to eradicate extreme poverty and achieve a healthy, sustainable world by the year 2030—the  2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,”  Kremer said.

“Agenda 2030 is a magnificent achievement,” he added.  “Now what we need to do is figure out what that means at the local level.  It’s important that we demonstrate stewardship and show success. UN Environment and Rotary can deliver that by collaborating at scale with a focus on the people.”

Kremer praised District 9212’s Adopt a River initiative in East Africa, led by District Governor Joe Otin, as proof of Rotary’s power to mobilize communities to protect the resources essential to life and livelihood. This is just one of the Action Steps he highlighted from the  World Environment Day Handbook for Rotary Clubs  released jointly by ESRAG and UN Environment in June.  Monitoring air quality, planting trees, helping communities go solar, and beating plastic pollution are other key strategies.

How about using the  Handbook  and  Dr. Kremer’s Power Point  to inspire your District’s Rotary, Interact, and Rotaract Clubs to take action?

ESRAG and UNEP World Environment Day Handbook

This handbook has been created by the Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group (ESRAG) with input from UN Environment. Its purpose is to educate and inspire Rotarians around the world to take action for the environment, and to bring attention to the important role the environment plays in Rotary’s six areas of focus

Download the ESRAG handbook here


50 Million Trees and Counting

Explaining the Circular Economy

We welcome your active participation in this exciting new Committee.