Peace Building Group

The Rotary Club of Sydney Peace Building Group is composed of a group of Rotarians committed to promoting peace. Our vision is a peaceful world, where peace is maintained at a local community, regional, national and international levels. Peace and conflict prevention/resolution includes a wide range of issues from a micro-level of street violence, domestic violence and cyber bullying through to issues of a macro-level such as armed conflict between nations, ethnic groups and war.  One of the aims of the committee is to engage newer, younger members and those with backgrounds from troubled countries. The members of the group are keen to involve other interested Sydney based Rotarians and community members

According to the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) – a Rotary partner, who is responsible for developing and reporting  the Global.Peace Index, there have been improvements and deterioration in peace across the world.  At Rotary, we believe by learning more about the impact of creating Positive Peace, it will provide an environment to flourish.  The partnership with IEP provides  a Rotary  Peace Academy, that has enabled over 500 IEP ambassadors who are Rotary Peace fellows.