Fatima Ali


It is truly a great honour to lead the Rotary Club of Sydney which has been a pillar of this community for almost 100 years.

I write to share with you my excitement to have the opportunity to serve as the President of our club as we enter our Centennial year. A year to celebrate our past achievements, reflect on our present and build an enduring legacy for future generations.

2020 has been so far a tumultuous year locally and globally, marred by natural disasters culminating in a pandemic which has impacted us socially, psychologically, physically and economically on a massive scale.  COVID 19 has brought much uncertainty and unfortunately has deprived us of some experiences in our personal and professional lives. It also provided us the opportunity to adapt to change and to innovate. Indeed, it is amazing how we as a Club adapted swiftly to a new way of connecting. This is a testimony to the resilience of each of you – our members- and to your ability to be flexible and embracing of change.

After consultation with several Club members, the following goals are proposed as our key priorities
for 2020-2021:

  • Celebrate our 100th Anniversary throughout 2020-2021 including:
    • Events to raise funds and support for Give Every Child a Future Project
    • Special events to promote and raise the profile of Rotary
  • Elevating youth engagement and participation in Rotary
  • Creating awareness and understanding of indigenous issues amongst Rotary members and others
  • Provide multiple new and exciting club service projects that engage all members and provide a positive impact.
  • Plan and create new fun events that help market our club and recruit new members.
  • Encourage members and friends to support our foundation through annual giving.
  • Every year in Rotary is an important year, however next year is significantly more, hence having a strong leadership team is paramount to guide the Club into these uncertain circumstances, to deliver on our key goals and essentially to celebrate our history.