Vision Beyond Aus (VBA) provides free eye surgery to world’s most disadvantaged people

VBA is a registered Australian charity that was founded by Rotary Club of Sydney member, Indy Singh, in 2011. VBA’s commitment is to provide free eye surgery and associated medical treatment to restore the sight of the world’s most disadvantaged and desperate men, women and children. The Club believes that the work of VBA gives these people a reason to want to live, hope for a better, healthier life and an opportunity to contribute to their community.

The work extends to the screening and provision of glasses or surgical treatment to schoolchildren in disadvantaged rural areas. It is all part of our commitment to delivering hope, the opportunity for education, and giving these children a better chance in life, despite the fact that they might have been born into poverty.

VBA’s objectives are:

  • Relieve sickness and distress through the provision of medical assistance and by undertaking relief and sustainable development prog
  • rams for people in Declared Developing Countries without favouritism or discrimination by race, religion, culture or political persuasion.
  • Assist education of people in Declared Developing Countries for them to contribute to relief and sustainable development of their communities.
  • Raise public awareness in Australia of the need to support people who require humanitarian aid, medical support, educational assistance and sustainable development.
  • Support projects and activities of other charitable organisations.

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You can contribute to the work of VBA by making a tax deductible donation via the club’s Benevolent Fund. Please write “VBA” in the comments section for online donations or on the back of the cheque. All donated money is used to save someone’s sight and change their lives forever. The administration is done by volunteers and any costs are covered by club members or the Fiducian Group Ltd not by donations.

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