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Opportunity Cambodia provides education and training for some of Cambodia's poorest and most vulnerable children and young people so that they can become healthy, self-empowered and self-sustaining members of their society.

Opportunity Cambodia was founded by Carolyn Fletcher 9 years ago.   Her objective was to enable children living in extreme poverty, who would not otherwise be able to go to school, to receive an education.  
There are now some 60 children attending Opportunity Cambodia's Education  Centres, some of whom board during the week and the balance are day students.   All the children are provided with a firm foundation for learning –nutritious food,  healthcare, clothing, support and encouragement.  
The children attend the local school and receive extra teaching and activities at the Centre including English, computers, art and sport.
Additional Programs
  • School support program to enable girls to go to secondary school.  Many girls who complete primary school do not continue into secondary school due to poverty and the fact that education for girls is not a priority for struggling families, although development experience has shown that it is critical to efforts to reduce poverty, child labour and domestic violence.  
  • High School program in Siem Reap to enable the older students to do their high school years 10-12 in the city.  This gives them the best chance of successfully competing with the city students for places at college and quality vocational training
  • Community development program - working with the poorest families to provide clean drinking water, and sanitation,  and to train families to grow vegetables, and to raise pigs and duck to provide an income source. 
  • Pre-school and maternal education program 
These programs are helping to transform the lives of some of the poorest children and families in rural Cambodia. For more information go to www.opportunitycambodia.org.au