The Great Rotary Give-Away, Spring Appeal is on!

The Great Rotary Give-Away, Spring Appeal is on!

We are embarking on our ‘Great Rotary Give-Away, Spring Appeal’ where we will be filling 500 Backsacks with many essential toiletry items for the whole family.  The Backsacks include toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, deodorant, hair comb/brush, shampoo, bath scrunchie and a bath towel with a little surprise inside!

Our club was awarded a District Grant, with matching funds from some of our generous members, that has enabled this project that we started in 2019.  We need your help in distributing the items at the pickup location of PCYC South Sydney from 18 – 26 October, 9 am – 5:30 pm.   A number of your fellow Rotarians have been busy at work, filling the Backsacks ready for the ‘Give-Away.’  We would love to see you help out by volunteering a few hours during the week. 

 Please contact Thelma Raman, Chair of our Rotary Foundation and Climate Action Group to get on the roster.  Please email Thelma at:

Thank you in advance for giving so generously and for pitching in by helping to make many community members in South Sydney enjoy some essential items.

To help get you into the spirit, click on the link below and  enjoy the rendition of the song:  ‘Show a little Kindness’ by the Canadian singer, Jann Arden who recorded this for Charity.

Jann Arden, Show a Little Kindness

Cathy Tait, Immediate Past President

Dr. Sonu Bhaskar, Chair of the Youth Committee

Thelma Raman, Chair of the Rotary Foundation & Climate Action Group