Pandora’s Box

We need your Rotary stories!

Pandora’s Box contains hidden treasures. Like a box discovered in the attic you open it and see what you find. It is a collection of stories about people, projects and events: important, trivial, funny or serious.

It is a work in progress. It contains information from all eras but especially events and activities occurring since the publication of Achieving for Others * in 2005. It is a method of collecting, telling and recording our collective knowledge before it disappears. (*Brian Fletcher The Rotary Club of Sydney 1921-2005 Achieving for Others)

Please don’t only read the contents of Pandora’s Box, submit a treasure; generally one page with one photo (maybe two) but it may need to be longer if it records details of club activities spanning a number of years.

Email a word document draft to If possible photos separate as a jpg image.

Vision Beyond Aus: If you can give the gift of eyesight, you can give new life.

In  2011, the then President of the Rotary Club of Sydney, Roslyn McLeod OAM asked Indy Singh OAM  to find a project that would build “international bridges of friendship”; this focused Indy Singh’s support for the Rotary Club of Sydney and its charitable projects into a passion to help some of the poorest people on the planet. The Vision Beyond Aus...

Who was Sir Henry Braddon?

To Rotarians Sir Henry Braddon, KBE, (1863-1955) is notably 1st, 2nd and 15th President of the Rotary Club of Sydney; the only person to hold the position more than once.  He was also a Rotary Commissioner for NSW and Queensland, equivalent of a District Governor today, from 1922-27. The first Rotary project in Australia was the formation in 1929 of...