Phortse Clean Water Project Nepal – new project!

Phortse Clean Water Project Nepal  – new project!

Access to clean water improves sanitation; water-borne diseases decrease; children stay healthier & attend school more regularly: women and girls spend more time helping their families & engaging in productive activities. Since the 2015 earthquake Phortse village (population 469) in Nepal has been without access to clean water. Water sources dried up and the 7000-litre collection tank was damaged. They lost drinking water and water for growing food. The community asked Action for Nepal (AFN) for help. AFN is an in-country indigenous, community-centric non-profit organisation building healthy educated communities and emphasising community input and gender equity.

Support through RAWCS will mean improvement in health, food, income, education, sanitation, safety and empowerment.

All donations are tax-deductible through ” Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund”- ABN 21388 376 554

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