Nominate now: Community Services Awards, closing April 9, 2021.


For many years the Rotary Club of Sydney has recognised leading Australian residents for their contribution to their community. This is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the contributions of individuals and entities within our community.

This year the Rotary Club of Sydney has decided to extend the Community Services Awards to three potential categories.


Rotary Club of Sydney is looking for community members and community organisations you know that fit the criteria below. Please send a brief outline of how they meet the criteria before Friday, April 9 2021.

Please e-mail to send your nominations.

Please include:

  1. The name of the individual or entity
  2. The contact details of the individual or of the director of the organization.
  3. The background with relevant online links or personal references
  4. A description explaining why you think the nominee deserves recognition.

Incomplete submissions will not be processed.


Category 1 Individual

The criteria for the Community Services Award for Individuals are as follows:

  1. The individual’s community service must have had a significant impact in their local area
  2. The individual must not be carrying out their normal job duties in doing this community work
  3. The individual should have been doing this community work for at least five years
  4. The individual must be carrying out this community work as a volunteer or receiving very little money for it
  5. The individual must not have received other awards, e.g. OAM, for doing this community work

Category 2 Organisation

The criteria for the Community Services Awards for Organisations are the same as the Individual.

Category 3 High Profile Individual

For this category, the nominee of the Community Service Award should be a leading public figure that has had a major impact on the Australian community for many years and whose contribution is not part of their normal job duties. This individual is required to give a presentation to the Rotary Club of Sydney on the day they receive the Award.

Due diligence will be carried out discreetly on awardees and will remain private and confidential. The nominators will be contacted as a courtesy even if their nominees are not chosen. For privacy reasons, there will be no explanation. Nominees who meet the criteria will be rolled over to the next year if they are not chosen for that year.  Not all categories need be filled every year. Therefore, zero, one, two or three of the categories may be filled per Rotary year. The Service and Awards Committee will forward its recommendations to the club board for final approval prior to the announcement.

The Service and Awards Committee thanks Alex Ebert, Lead, and the rest of the subcommittee team, Bill Neill, Phoebe Alexander and our new co-lead Tom Anderson. Any RCS members interested in joining the Service and Awards Committee is most welcome!