ANZAC Memorial Service

ANZAC Memorial Service

Anzac Day represents many things to many people on either side of that war and brings forth many memories that bind Australians together regardless of race, religion or creed through verbal and visual conversations. The images we see in the parades are representative, not only of the first World War but of wars throughout modern human history and the sacrifice of a select many for the preservation of this countries interests and freedoms. It involves service men and women and their families and everyone else in the Australian community. 

This event brings together over 80 Rotarians with families, colleagues and friends from RC Sydney and sometimes other clubs in partnership to honour the troops and raise funds for worthy projects. Thousands of people meet on the streets parading, serving and supporting one another in different capacities to remember and honour one another. 

On ANZAC Day, in addition to remembering those first legend-makers of World War I, we also pay tribute to all those women and men who made the ultimate sacrifice of giving their life in the cause of peace. One of the traditions of war memorials is that they do not feature the statue of a leader.  Recently I read the story of a person who was awarded a Victoria Cross and he described himself in this way: “As a normal Australian … not a Superman… not an Einstein … just an ordinary Australian who was caught in a very nasty position, recognised the responsibility given and carried out the duties to the best of his ability.” That applies to many of us, parents and grandparents, who did the best they could with the little they were given, who went beyond the call of duty whether they got a medal to show for it or not!

PP Keith Garner AM, President’s Note April 26 2019

Due to Covid-19 this event could not be held in 2020. Here are some photos from previous years. Thank you to all those who have participated in any capacity to make this event happen over the years!

In lieu of this event our President Barbara Ward set up a Zoom Anzac Day Commemoration service on April 25, 2020 at 9:00 AM. that has been recorded so that those who could not attend are able to share in the celebration.

A very moving ANZAC Day commemorative service was held on Saturday via zoom with prayers, a hymn and poem for remembrance, peace and for the future of Australia. On this day, above all days, we remembered those Australian men and women who died or suffered in the great tragedy of war. Each year we pay homage not only to those original ANZACs, but to all who died or were disabled in their service to this country.

My heartfelt thanks to Rev Keith Garner AM who led a poignant service, to District Governor Diana North OAM, Dr Sonu Bhaskar Membership Director for the prayers, Jeremy Wright for sharing an incredible short reflection about his Dad,  Garry Browne Past District Governor  read , “At the going down of the sun”, Warwick Richardson District Governor Elect delivered the “Ode” and Roslyn McLeod OAM read a “Recitation of Poem”.

Thank you all for attending and making this very special, of course it would not be a great service if it was not for everyone that joined us to pay tribute to our DIGGERS. This event was not about our Rotary club but to honor our ANZAC’s. Many of our members and Rotarians from other clubs, visitors and friends took part in this very inspiring service. I take this opportunity to acknowledge Consulate General of Japan Mr. Masahiko Kiya who was amongst the guests.


P. Barbara Ward April 26, 2020