Emergency Appeal

Families left vulnerable
Hurricane Dorian on weather map

Hurricane Dorian has wreaked havoc in the Bahamas.

The storm is one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes to make landfall, with winds of up to 220 mph and storm surges of up to 23 feet.

Lives have been torn apart. Homes have been reduced to rubble. Livelihoods have been lost. More than 13,000 families have seen their homes get swept away by the menacing hurricane.

We’re sending an assessment team to the Bahamas to understand how we can help communities who have lost everything. We need to fully assess whether our emergency tents, tarpaulins, tools and other items will be needed and appropriate to help people recover.

Hurricane Dorian is the first major hurricane of the year. With more expected over the coming months, we’re on standby, ready to help if needed.


  • Hurricane Dorian made landfall as a category 5 storm
  • It is one of the strongest storms on record in the Atlantic
  • The official death toll from the Bahamas is 20, but this number is expected to rise
  • The full extent of the damage won't be known until assessments are made
  • Although Dorian is only the second named hurricane so far, this is by no means an indication that it will be a quiet hurricane season


If you have recently made a donation, please accept my thanks on behalf of families you have helped. Your support is really CHANGING LIVES!

$30 - could buy a Solar Light
$50 - could buy a Water Filter
$75 - could buy blankets and ground mats
$100 - could buy a Shelter Kit
$500 - could buy a Relief Tent
$1,000 - could buy a Complete ShelterBox

EFT: Bendigo Bank: ShelterBox Australia: BSB 633 000: Account no. 166 780 163 (please email office@shelterbox.org.au to notify us of your donation and receive your tax receipt).

Cheques can be mailed to: ShelterBox Australia, PO Box 254, Parramatta, NSW, 2124

Hurricane Dorian on weather map

In every emergency, there is an urgency to act. But when communication lines are down, it can be hard to get enough information to act on.

Sending an assessment team will help us better understand how families have been affected and whether they need our aid.

We rely on your support to carry out these essential assessments and send aid where it is most needed across the world.