President’s Project –The Rotary Dalang Project supports dental health for indigenous children

The Rotary Dalang Project is the Rotary Club of Sydney’s President’s project for 2016-17. Partnering with the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health at the University of Sydney, the project builds on the Rotary Aboriginal Oral Health Scholarship project led by Past President Diana Richards and is about educating and improving the dental health of mainly indigenous children.

The pain and suffering resulting from poor oral healthcare can lead to dietary problems, social disconnection and even costly long-term chronic disease. President Alex Shaw said in introducing the project: “If you change the mindset of young people before they get into bad habits, then three quarters of the battle is done. The end result is better oral health leading to lower obesity rates, lower heart disease, lower diabetes rates and we know the impact that sugar has on teeth. The whole community will benefit from our programme.”

If you, your family or business would like to discuss supporting the Rotary Dalang Project, please contact Rotary Club of Sydney President Alex Shaw (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Alternatively, you can simply contribute to the Rotary Dalang Project by making a tax deductible donation via the club’s Benevolent Fund. Please write “Rotary Dalang Project” in the comments section for online donations or on the back of the cheque. All donated money is used in improving dental health outcomes, most of the administration is done by volunteer club members and any costs are covered by club members not by donations.

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