The Rotary Club of Sydney meets for Lunch on Tuesdays 12.30pm to 2.00pm at
The Castlereagh Boutique Hotel Cello Room, 4th Floor, 169 Castlereagh Street
(between Market and Park Street) Sydney NSW 2000.
Guests are always welcome. 

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Tuesday 4th July

The Luncheon on Tuesday 4th July will be a Club Assembly which will be chaired by our new President, Shane Herbert.

Shane will outline his vision for the Club and highlight some key themes and events. He will also briefly outline the major Club Project which will be formally launched in August.

Shane will also be inviting all the committee chairs, project leads and significant office bearers to come forward and introduce and promote their projects. The President of the City of Sydney Rotaract Club has also been invited to speak briefly about their activities.

This is a must-attend event for all members and friends to share the Club's future plans.

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Lunch Meeting: Fifty years of reconciliation, constitutional recognition and treaty in Australia


Tuesday 11th July

Geoffrey Winters, an Indigenous Sydney Lawyer, will be guest speaker at Sydney Rotary Club on Tuesday 11th July.

He will discuss the key events that have taken place since Australia's historic referendum in 1967. Fifty years on, Geoffrey will consider the two competing proposals currently on the national agenda: constitutional recognition and treaty.  

Geoffrey is Director of Development at Chalk & Behrendt, a respected specialist practice based in Sydney which focuses on serving Indigenous organisations and businesses, governments, and other private clients in the areas of public law and land related issues.  

Geoffrey is also the interim-Chair of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies as well as a Director of the NSW Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network. In 2016 he was the Liberal Party candidate in the seat of Sydney. Geoffrey is an Aboriginal person, raised in Western Sydney and educated at the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons)/Laws. In 2017 he was awarded the Sister Alison Bush Medal by the University of Sydney for his contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander progress and his achievements as an alumni.  

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Lunch Meeting: Open Architecture – The Secret to the Duke of Ed’s Success


Tuesday 18th July

The Guest speaker at Sydney Rotary Club of Tuesday 18th July will be Peter Kaye AM, CEO of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award - Australia.

Peter will update Rotarians on the Duke of Edinburgh's Awards in supporting young people in Australia and the Award's relevance in the 21st century.  

He will discuss the Award’s key design features, why over 24,000 young Australians start an Award each year and how they build partnerships with employers, tertiary and sports organisations.  

Trained as an economist, Peter has worked in a number of management and executive roles in the youth, transport and finance sectors before starting Consultgroup in 1992, specialising in corporate governance and HR Management.
He has also been a Chair and/or a director for 7 companies in the finance, building and telecommunications sectors. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Fellow of Royal Society of Arts and a certified Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute. Peter has served as an active Justice of the Peace since 1977.

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Lunch Meeting: New Police Chief to Address Sydney Rotarians


Tuesday 25th July

The guest speaker at Sydney Rotary Club on Tuesday 25th July will be newly appointed NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller APM, who will address the meeting on "Looking Forward - Community First."

Commissioner Fuller joined the NSW Police Force in 1987. He performed general duties and criminal investigation duties in various metropolitan stations and specialist investigative areas.

In 2002 Commissioner Fuller was promoted to the rank of Inspector and performed the roles of Duty Officer, Crime Manager and TAG Commander. Subsequently he was promoted to Superintendent in 2004 and worked in a number of positions including as Local Area Commander in the City Central LAC. He was also involved in the planning and operations of APEC in 2007 and World Youth Day in 2008. He gained experience in the Police Executive Offices as Staff Officer to the Deputy Commissioner Field Operations in 2007 and 2008.  

In 2010 Commissioner Fuller was appointed to the position of Assistant Commissioner, Region Commander, Southern Region. He was subsequently appointed to the positions of Assistant Commissioner, Commander, Professional Standards Command and then to the position of Assistant Commissioner, Commander, Central Metropolitan Region. Commissioner Fuller was also the Corporate Spokesperson for Family and Domestic Violence. He also has experience acting in the positions of Deputy Commissioners Field Operations and Corporate Services.
Commissioner Fuller received the Australian Police Medal in 2009.

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